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Thomas Barus

Thomas Albert Ferdinata Barus, came from Batak Karo in North Sumatra, currently holding a rank of Captain (Caj). Born in Bandung, West Java, on 24 September 1981. Presently assuming the responsibility of Military Public Information Officer at Army Headquarters (DISPENAD) Jakarta – Indonesia. His military career began in 2004, from SEPAPK 2004 in Military Academy, Magelang – Jawa Tengah. Graduated in July 2004 as Second Lieutenant with serving the military for almost 8 years with first assignment as Adjutant to General of Kodam XVI/Pattimura, Ambon – Maluku (2005). Further posted to Intelligence Detachment of Kodam XVI/Pattimura to 2011. Having assuming posts as DANTIM (Team Commander) promoted to 1stLieutenant in 2006. KAPOKANALIS (Head of Analyses Team) and DANBKI (Intelligence Coy Commander) whereby promoted to captain in 2010. Concluded several military course and training: TNI Advance Language Course – PUSBASA, Basic Intelligence Officer (SARPAINTEL) in SATINDUK BAIS TNI, Defence Intelligence Research and Analyses Course (DIRAC) and recently DIKLAPA 1 in 2011. The international assignment under the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission has landed him to assume the role as the Target Audience Analyses Deputy Officer at MCOU (Military Community Outreach Unit) TNI Konga XXX-B/UNIFIL since 21 Nov 2011. More stories and updates from Lebanon shall be shared by Capt. Thomas Barus.

Endro Prabowo

Endro Prabowo Endro Prabowo, S.Kom, was born in Semarang, in September 25th 1975. Concluded High School at SMAN 1 Ungaran in 1993, joined the Indonesian National Police in 1995 then graduated at National Police School Banyubiru further assigned there as Instructor up to 2005. Prior his overseas assignment, he was assuming duty at Central Java Regional Police as Non Commisioned Officer Staff on Operation Bureau. Married to Cornelia Dyah Triningytas with 2 sons and a daugther. He loves sport, especially football, tennis and fond of Computer & IT troubleshooting. Banking on his vast hands-on experience, landed him on an assignment to serve under the United Nations. Taking responsibility as staff of Operation Section at Indonesia Formed Police Unit (FPU) IV, the contingent of Garuda Bhayangkara 2011, serving in Darfur under the mandate of United Nations – African Union Hybrid Mission in Darfur (UNAMID). He will share updates relating his personal views and stories before and during his assignment in Darfur, Sudan.

Nely Indraningrum

Major Nely Indraningrum, SE, MM, presently serving at Mabes TNI AL (Indonesia’s Navy Headquarters) as Staff Officer at the Planning & Budgetary Section. Graduated from the Economics Faculty at the State University of Jember and further obtained her Master’s Degree in Economics and Management at the University of Indonesia. Her mission assignment began back in 2009 to 2010, where she was serving the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) assigned at Itury Brigade, Bunia teamsite TS-606, following to Aru Team site TS – 627. It was a memorable yet challenging mission assignment of which will be shared further.


First Lieutenant Sulikan, born in Tuban, 23 November 1971 is currently assuming new duty as the Indonesia Garuda Contingent XX-I to MONUSCO (The United Nations Stabilization Mission for the DRC) as Contingent’s Military Public Information Officer. Prior his initial international assignment under the United Nations, he was actively playing his role as Kepala Urusan Editing (PAUR) at Kesatuan PUSPEN Mabes TNI at Indonesia’s Armed Forces Headquarters in Cilangkap, Jakarta. Married with 3 children, First Lieutenant Sulikan also a great enthusiast of sports and love reading. Further more on news updates and storied during his assignment in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) shall be shared from the heart of the forest of DRC Congo.

Krishna Murti

Presently assuming a post as Police Planner at the United Nations Headquarters in New York at its Police Division. Komisaris Besar Polisi Krishna Murti, S.Ik, M. Si, born on 15 January 1970 has been serving the United Nations for second time around. Initially his mission assignment as member of the blue beret began was on 2008 as part of the Indonesia Garuda Contignent FPU 1 under the mandate of UNAMID in Darfur, Sudan. An enthusiast of photography, sports and reading, have also been extensively taking up challenging post under the Indonesia’s National Police (Polri) right after graduation from the academi in 1991. Banked with various courses and training, both held in domestic and overseas, has made him awarded by several medal of honor, to name a few includes DWIJA SISTHA, GARUDA XIV, KESETIAAN 8 Tahun, UNTAES MISSION, CROATION POLICE HONOUR all in 1997, UNAMID in 2008, Garuda Bhayangkara UNAMID in 2009 and recently Medal of honor KESETIAAN 16 TAHUN awarded in 2010. More stories and updates shall be shared from New York.

Aziz Mahmudi

Born in Gresik East Java, Aziz Mahmudi is currently assigned in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as UN Military Observer for MONUSCO. Prior serving in Congo, he has served under the United Nations’ assignment as a Arms Monitor Officer at the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN). Married Rr Soesilowati, with two children. His professional career extended back in 1990 when he first entered Indonesian Military Academy. He has hold several major appointments with the Indonesian Army as well as assignments under the United Nations. Prior his international assignment under the Blue Barrett, assumed the Chief of Personnel, 2nd Field Artillery Regiment 1st Infantry Division KOSTRAD in Purwakarta – West Java, Indonesia. Banked with a number of military courses and training, both nationally and overseas,to name a few are: Parachute Jumper School in Batujajar Cimahi 2000, Battery Commander Course in Cimahi 2000, Field Artillery Advance School in Cimahi 2002, UN Military Observer Course (UNMOC) by TNI Peacekeeping Centre in 2009; English for Peacekeepers Course at Defense Language Training Centre Jakarta in 2009; UN Military Observer Course in Port Dickson Malaysia 2009 and UN Peace Keeping Operation Instructor Course (PKOIC) in Jakarta 2010. Advancing his career has been decorated by dedication a several medal of honors for the professional service awarded by both Indonesian military and United Nations: medal of Dharma Nusa, Loyalty-VIII and XVI, Shanty Dharma (The Garuda Contingent-XXIV/UNMIN Nepal in 2010) and by theUnited Nations, he received a medal of honor from UNMIN/Nepal in 2010. Further he would be sharing stories and updates from the DRC.

Citra Roshian

1st Lieutenant Dr. Citra Roshian was born in Cirebon, West Java, on 11 Mei 1981, currently assume responsibility as the Medical Officer to the Indonesian Garuda Contingent Konga XXXII-A serving under the United Nations Mission MINUSTAH in Haiti. Graduated as Career Officer from the Indonesia’s Military Academy in 2008 then further serving under the Military Medical Corps of the Indonesian Army. Throughout his career, has been serving at Officer’s Academy of Indonesian Army as Chief General Health Services. This would be his initial assignment under the Blue Beret (United Nations). During his free time, 1st Lieutenant Dr. Citra Roshian loves outdoor adventures, Mountain Climbing and other kinds of sports such as table tennis and swimming. More stories relating to medical 7 health-related activities both Garuda Contingent Konga XXXII-A and general health news will be shared from Haiti.

Zaenal Arifin

Zaenal Arifin, presently serving at the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) assigned in Port-au-Prince, Haiti as the United Nations’ Police Adviser. Graduated from SMA Taruna Nusantara class of 1996. Graduated from Indonesia Police Academy (PTIK) in 2008 with various domestic assignments has made him nominated to represent Indonesia’s National Police (Polri) under Garuda Bhayangkara (Garbha) Contingent to MINUSTAH in 2011. A football enthusiast and a fond of photography also enjoy outdoor sports. Further stories and updates from Haiti shall be shared accordingly.


Welcome to Our Peacekeeping Journey, a website dedicated to the peacekeepers, the ones whose currently serving at United Nations Peacekeeping Missions, those who concluded the mission assignments, and those others whose line of work are in support of establishing peace wherever they are.


Martha Yuli Artharini A civil engineer by academics, among other things, Martha loves traveling as well as shopping. Having been working at an engineering consultancy firm based in Banda Aceh, Martha then decided to embark to a bold-new-decision, helping the world to fight hunger by joining the UN-World Food Programme (WFP) in Bosasso, Somalia. Yup!, it’s Somalia at the horn of Africa. Martha will be sharing on her days while on assignment from Somalia.


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